Reactive to Calm

Transform Your Reactive Dog into A Calm Canine

Is Your Dog A Reactive Nightmare?

I know the pain, embarrassment, stress of walking and owning a reactive dog. The life you dreamed of when you decided to get a dog has disappeared  and now you’re left praying that you make it through each walk without an incident. 

My Old English Sheepdog Ally herding instincts kicked in and bikes became something to chase and if she couldn't chase them, she would bark like a screaming banshee!!! I live in a busy part of Edinburgh and avoiding Bikes wasn't an option, sometimes stepping out of our front door and seeing a bike would mean the rest of walk was full of stress as she'd be on HIGH ALERT for another one. 

I am Suzanne Gould, owner of Edinburgh Holistic Dogs and Creator of Reactive to Calm. I specialise in working with reactive dogs, from dogs who are reactive to other dogs, people or men to dogs who are scared or anxious. I have seen a lot and helped many clients rebuild calm and happier relationships with their dog so they can enjoy walks again

More and More I was meeting clients who had begun to hate their dog because the reactivity wouldn't stop and was just getting worse. Clients who were trapped in an endless cycle of frustration at their dog, themselves or other people and their dogs. Clients who found themselves feeling isolated because none of their other dog owning friends could understand the situation or they were activly avoiding people to walk their dog.

Does any of that sound familiar??.... it does to me

There is help right here for you.... I have created this 8 week course to help owners of reactive dogs just like you.

Starting at week 1
- Get IMMEDIATE ways for you and your dog to find stress relief from your situation
- Start to see IMPROVEMENTS in your dogs behaviour with a few simple games.
- Find the peace of mind that you're now ACTIVELY helping and teaching your dog.
- See you and your dog build a STRONGER BOND together.

As the course goes on I'll share my top tips to helping your own mental health with the small changes you can make to help you with your journey to overcoming reactivity. How you feel does directly effect your dogs behaviour which why its key to address your own state of mind.


Ally is relaxed around bikes now and can be off lead near them too. But this wasn't an over night change of behaviour, it took time, repetition and persistence to help Ally overcome her reactivity and change how she sees bikes. It also took time for me to change how I viewed her reactivity and how I handled it.

You too can have the same success with your dog as I have my dog Ally. All the training I have done with her is here in this course for you, to learn and use.

This is a self guide course spread out over 8 weeks, where you will learn to understand what Reactivity is, why your dog is doing it and above all learn how to help, support and train them to reduce reactivity. You get Lifetime access to this course so you can go at your own pace, dip back in when you need a refresher and find the support you need.

Whats Included

- Over 100 Videos and Lessons.
- PDF Download each week for EASY step by step training.
- Get IMMEDIATE stress relief from your dogs reactivity in week 1.
- See improvements to your dogs behaviour straight away!
- Get a stronger Bond with your dog.
- Self guided and easy to follow.
- Also learn Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Focus Games and more.
- Lifetime Access

For Lifetime Access


LIFE TIME Training for your Dog

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